THE GREEN SEED 7″ + Digital Download

THE GREEN SEED 7″ + Digital Download

Limited Edition. Virgin Vinyl. Deluxe Packaging.

Despite having shared the stage with Raekwon and members of Jurassic 5, The Green Seed are the greatest Southern Hip Hop act you’ve never heard of.

Though Alabama has carved out a niche in the current Hip Hop omniverse thanks to the likes of Yelawolf and, most notably, G-Side, The Green Seed (emcee’s R-Tist and C.O.M.P.L.E.T. and DJ FX) have been working individually and as a collective for the better part of a decade. The Green Seed’s songs are as diverse and prolific as their output, taking a Native Tounges-ish approach to topics that include the personal, the political, and the nerdy. They like to skate. They like comics. They like to crush it.

“Crack Kills” is the perfect introduction The Green Seed’s clever aplomb. An anti-consumerist jam that contemplates the importance of the individual despite how they spend their money, “Crack Kills” has already found love online due to an amazing (and award-winning) video directed by the Atlanta film-collective known as Sugar Tooth. Recently re-mastered by Paul Logus (Mary J. Blige, Puff Daddy, Pantera, The Great Book of John) the track has a fresh bump and shine that will rattle both your trunk and mind.

The B-side, “Preservation” features a sample of Birmingham singer / songwriter / shred-maven, Janet Simpson (Delicate Cutters, Teen Getaway, The Gum Creek Killers). The featured song, “Salt In The Rain” can be found on Delicate Cutters’ debut LP, We Are Not Lovers.

As with all Communicating Vessels’ 7-inch singles, “Crack Kills” comes complete with a digital download of both sides. The songs will also be available from the reputable digital outlet of your choice.


The Green Seed

The Green Seed are the greatest Southern Hip Hop act you’ve never heard of… Yet.

The group formed in 2006 in Birmingham, Alabama and have been working individually and as a collective for the better part of a decade. They have shared the stage with Raekwon and members of Jurassic 5 and strive to change the landscape of Southern rap by keeping the core elements of hip-hop intact.  
 Emcee’s R-Tist and C.O.M.P.L.E.T. and DJ’s FX and Jeff C are best known for their obscure samples, dense-thoughtful lyrics, and explosive stage show. The group released three albums from 2007-2010 which were met with modest local success. 
This year will boast their first label release, “Drapetomania” (under Birmingham label Communicating Vessels). Produced by R-Tist and Jeffrey Cain (Remy Zero, Isidore) the album fuses live instrumentation with incredible rhythmic cadences. Early critiques have described the record as “intense” and “cleverly arranged”.  
Jude Law”sounds like a throwback to a 70’s crime drama.  Driving, heavy rhythm with horn accompaniment puts the listener right in the middle of The Green Seed’s furious word patterns and technological wizardry. The track’s lyrics toy with the idea that maybe Jude Law is annoyed by being mistaken for Ewan McGregor and emphatically declares, “I did not play Obi Wan!” 
 The Green Seed holds high regard for the city they hail from and pay tribute to this in “Town of Steal”. R-Tist created a backdrop for the band to direct these affections by lifting samples from the Isidore track “Life Somewhere Else” (Kilbey and Cain). Lingering snares and off-timed percussion persuade every ear to “reach back” and remember their past while embracing their direct future. 
 The Green Seed intend on touring throughout 2013 in support of this latest release. They look forward to expanding their fan base and bringing the experience of their action-packed live show right to your city. “POW!” Until then, get your hands on the music and dare to be changed.  




Communicating Vessels is proud to present Volume 2 of
our 7" releases from our series of lavishly packaged 7″ vinyl recordings of secret songwriters from the southeast.
Despite being of a limited-edition these songs will have an enduring quality that will likely spread beyond this little corner or the world.